Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tools of the Trade: Dental Floss

Yes, dental floss! UN-waxed floss is thin and strong, and occasionally quite useful in the kitchen. I've always got some hidden in the back of a drawer.

  • Floss can be used to tie up poultry legs or stuffed pork roast.
  • It does a fine job cutting yeast dough (as in cinnamon rolls). Just ease it under the dough, cross over the top of the dough, and pull in opposite directions.
  • You can use a similar technique to cut cakes into even layers. Position the floss right where you want it around the edge, cross, and pull through.
  • I was making hot spiced cider last week and wanted to keep the spices all together. Not one to keep chesecloth on hand, I fashioned a bag out of a coffee filter and dental floss. It worked very well and was easy to fish out after steeping.

There you have it--a new tool to try. Just make sure it's UN-waxed!

UPDATE: I'm having difficulty finding unwaxed floss. I'll have to settle for unflavored floss for cold applications (cutting dough and cake layers); I still prefer unwaxed for other jobs (in the oven, hot cider).

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